Easter Printable Gift Tags

Free Printable Easter Gift Tags

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Easter is almost here! And it is such a great holiday. Jesus rose from the tomb, and the whole season is full of life! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, yada yada yada. The spring air is amazing! No one can argue with that. Except that first time you roll down your windows and swirls of dust engulf you the entire way home from work… (That happened to me the other day… I guess I need to clean my car.) But even though all the sunshine shows how dirty my house and car really are, I still love it. It really is like a fresh start every year.

The other great thing about Easter is the chocolate bunnies! I know the Easter bunny doesn’t align with my religious beliefs – but for some reason chocolate just tastes better when it’s in the shape of a cute little animal. So wrap up some smiling chocolate for someone you love, and top it with one of these gift tags!

Free Printable Easter Gift Tags

Free Printable Easter Gift Tags

Download the Easter Gift Tags here!


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