Free Printables: Market / Craft Show Sale Sheet

makeityelloh craft show / market Sale Sheet

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I can’t believe my first craft show is less than a week away! I have been prepping like crazy (see this embroidery update) and trying to get everything ready… even though I have no idea what to expect! I’m so grateful for all the amazing makers out there that have already written about their first craft show experiences. It has at least given me a little insight. But still, from everything I’ve read, it sounds like it could go any numbers of ways and you have to be ready for a big failure or a huge success. To me, selling anything would be a huge success! Hopefully my low expectations will help out.

So in preparation for the unknown, I wanted to make something a little more structured than just a blank piece of paper to keep track of all my (or lack of) sales. So I made this sale sheet and wanted to share it with all of you! I’m hoping all my preparing will bring me luck on the big day!

makeityelloh craft show / market Sale Sheet

Download the craft show sale sheet here!

And if you have any golden advice, I would love to hear it! Send me an email: or comment below.

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