My Sister’s Wedding Shower + Some Printable Games

Grey and White Wedding Shower DIY Paper Flowers

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I can’t believe its been 2 whole years since my sister’s wedding shower! So much has happened! (Like my little nephew being born in December..he’s the cutest.) I guess its been a busy couple of years, too.. because I’m just now getting around to sharing her wedding shower! It was FULL of DIYs. Maybe eventually I also get to her bachelorette party (which was baseball themed and super fun) and her actual wedding! But for now, check this one out!

We had it at an old Inn down the street from my parents house. It was a traditional white wedding shower – with a lot of white and silver. I found a cheap poster frame and drew a sign for the welcome table. We asked everyone to address an envelope to themselves (for the thank yous) and then put it in the little box. We also had a jar of clothespins and numbered lines so everyone could guess the amount.

Elegant Grey and White Wedding Shower

At each place setting was a gorgeous sugar cookie my aunt made for the favors. They were each shaped like a wedding dress with a unique kind of lace detail. We even threw some silver edible glitter on them.

Elegant Grey and White Wedding Shower

We decided to have a few entrees available, so instead of making the server repeat it a thousand times, I just made little A card menus. It saves everyone a lot of time!

Also at each place were the games, I’m a big fan of the kind you can set out ahead of time, so everyone can play them at their leisure. We also included a couple that weren’t for prizes, like the word search, just in case someone got bored watching her open gifts. There are always those few people that hate showers and can’t wait for them to be over. 

Elegant Grey and White Wedding Shower

The flowers and glitter vases were a huge hit. But most of all.. budget friendly. Check out how to make them for yourself below! The glitter vases worked so well I decided to do the same thing with mason jars for my friend’s shower.

Paper Flowers  |  Glitter Vases

Grey and White Wedding Shower DIY Paper Flowers

The prize table matched the also held extra game print outs and the door prize was a gardening gift basket held in a watering can!

Elegant Grey and White Wedding Shower

One of the my favorite party tricks is making my own confetti! I always have piles of paper lying around, and paper punches come in so many shapes and sizes. The whole reason I first starting making my own was because I ran into one of those places where one of the only rules “NO CONFETTI.” Everyone hates that it gets stuck in the carpet and won’t vacuum up. The larger pieces aren’t only easier to clean up, but they also make a bigger impact on your table! It’s a no-brainer.

Grey and White Wedding Shower Homemade Confetti with a Paper Punch

Download the games from this shower!

What’s in your purse?

Wedding word scramble

Bridal Bingo

Elegant Grey and White Wedding Shower Games - Free Printables


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