Sharing is Caring – WiFi Printable

4x6 "Sharing is caring" WiFi Sign - Free Printable

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So recently I had a run in with the law—the parent phone police. I felt like I took a time machine back to the 90s when my dad yelled at me for going over our minutes and texting too many times. You see, I still share a plan with my parents and sister—its just easier that way. My husband gets a phone from work, and its much cheaper to share a family plan. So I’m stuck with mom and dad until phone companies decide to make everything cheaper—which lets face it—will be never.

Last week we got the dreaded text message of shame: “You have exceeded your data limit, you will now be charged a gazillion dollars per GB.” (Ok, maybe that shouldn’t be in quotes because its not EXACTLY what they said.) So after spending 2 hours teaching my parents to turn off their data and explaining how the WiFi works, we looked up the data usage and found that it may or may not have been my fault… ok, it was. For some reason I turned off my WiFi and forgot to turn it back on. Probably because something wasn’t loading and I’m an impatient millennial.

I learned my lesson! WiFi is wonderful, and everyone should share with their friends. So when our friends come over, they will now be welcomed with this lovely sign telling them to log in—and maybe save themselves from making the same mistakes I did. (Sorry, Dad.)

4x6 "Sharing is caring" WiFi Sign - Free Printable

Download the 4 x 6 WiFi sign!

Fits in a 4 x 6 frame! Just print and cut using the trim lines, then fill in your WiFi name and password.

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